Monday, July 22, 2013

Growing vocabularies

Overheard just now: Cadence and Hazel discussing the lunch options at their pretend restaurant. One of the options was a "rustic chicken soup."

They have been a veritable fountain of cute verbose ness lately... 

Yesterday I was explaining to Hazel why a certain cup wouldn't work for what we were doing, but I was distracted and not speaking fluidly, so Cadence swooped in and said "it's just not efficient." And Hazel said "ooooh. Ok. But which one will work better?"

This was the morning after Cadence had confided to me that she was torn between reading her chapter book and listening to NPR before bedtime.

Even little Calliope, though she doesn't technically speak yet, talks without specific vocab all the time, and means it when she says mama and baba, and we've heard her say things that sound uncannily like "jiejie" and tickle...and she's begun signing too, and can ask me for milk when she wants it.

They are all growing up so very fast.