Tuesday, March 13, 2012



Music has consistently been a muse in my life, but not one I have ever been able to fully acquaint myself with. It's somehow deeply tangled with whatever self worth issues I have wrestled with over the years- when it comes to creating it myself, there is no happy medium with for me, singing especially: it either makes me uncontrollably giddy and happy, or it sends me to the other end of the spectrum and I feel wretched, like an incapable failure, and it makes me want to hide under a rock until I die.

 I'm trying to claim the benefits of embracing musical existence, and face down the negative factors. As a part of that, I want to share this weird little clip with you. Normally I'm horrified to share anything that isn't perfect, what with the self worth stuff all in there. But This, I want to share anyway. It's not great. But it's me, (and Kelly, who inspired me in posting her original in the first place, with a similar disclaimer) and I'm putting it out there.

 My sister Kelly posted a video of herself performing 'Mad World' on her blog shortly before she left the country for several months. (She just up and went to New Zealand. She's hoping to get a job working on a vineyard or something. Kick around for a few months. Maybe come back for college in the fall, maybe ride out the year and attend university later.) I love the song, and miss my sister, so I thought I'd turn it into a duet, even though she's not here to help me.

Since she didn't intend it as a duet, I did my best to match her style & performance...it's not perfect, but its not bad for a little spur of the moment tribute!

 I also wanted to add something visually to distinguish this video from her original, however, since hers was a simple shot of her hands moving across the keys, and I wasn't playing an instrument, I didn't have a similar visual. I figured a shot out my window on this cloudy morning would fit the atmosphere of the song decently well.

Miss you Kellebelle!
Look forward to hearing from you soon.