Sunday, June 8, 2014

Reading List

Cadence has become what can only be called a 'voracious' reader.  Below is a partial list of the books she has devoured since October, separated them into three categories: Books she has read once, books she has read twice, and books she has read three or more times.

Books she has read once:
Henry and Ribsy
Ramona Quimby Age 8
On the banks of Plum Creek
Henry and the Paper Route
Ramona the Brave
Little House on the Prairie
Little house in the Big Woods
Dumpling days
Ramona Forever
Kirsten Saves the day
Addy's Surprise
Meet Addy
Samantha Learns a Lesson
Samantha's Surprise
Happy Birthday, Samantha!
Changes for Samantha
Samantha Saves The Day
Meet Samantha
Meet Molly
Molly's Surprise
Happy Birthday Molly
Meet Kirsten
From the Mixed-up Files of Mrs. Basil E. Frankweiler
Henry Huggins
The American Girls Theater: plays about Kirsten, Samantha, & Molly for you & your friends to perform
The House at the End of the Lane
The Boxcar Children: The Mystery of the Missing Cat

Books she has read twice:
The Boxcar Children: The Mystery at the Dog Show
The Boxcar Children: Mike's Mystery
The Boxcar Children: The Mystery in Washington, DC
The Boxcar Children: Blue Bay Mystery
The Boxcar Children: The Mystery in the Snow

Books she has read 3 or more times:
Just Grace
Little Women (illustrated classics version)
Anne of Green Gables (illustrated classics version)
Ava the Sunset fairy
Zara the Starlight fairy
Anna the Moonbeam fairy
The Boxcar Children
The Boxcar Children: The Deserted Library Mystery
The Boxcar Children: The Castle Mystery
The Boxcar Children: Surprise Island

This only includes chapter books, since we would otherwise have to include our entire, extensive, library of children's books, Audobon guides, and pretty much any reading material in the house that is physically within her reach. And even then, we are pretty sure we are forgetting some that should be on this list.

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

The importance of Peace

I am spending some time cleaning out my drafts folder today, and I found this little gem from about two years ago.  I had intended this to be an introduction to a piece about finding inner peace amongst outer chaos, but I only managed to get about half a sentence beyond what is below.  The original post as I had conceived of it related to the trials of our first move to the DC area amidst the end of my third pregnancy and my mom's continuing struggle with cancer, which is obviously no longer particularly relevant, but I did want to share the image and this little snippet anyhow.  I hope that Cadence still feels that she has the freedom and ability to do this, and that her sisters will grow up with the same power.

Believe it or not, this was a candid moment caught by Cadence's teachers during class earlier this year.  I've cropped the other kids out for privacy reasons, but in the full image it's clear that this was not a group exercise - Cadence just decided to take some time in all on her own.