Monday, March 31, 2008

In Response To My Last Post

 "Benjamin: ahhh
aght hat photo is so frickin cute
me: hahahaha
I know
its a little redonk."

Me: "I just used the word 'Redonk.' In a sentence. I feel a little dirty."

[James peers over my shoulder to survey the scene.]

James:"You should."

Thursday, March 27, 2008

random odd bits

This post will be a series of random, mostly meaningless tidbits. If it bothers you to hear about other people's random, meaningless tidbits, don't waste your time reading blogs.

1.) Yesterday I got an e-mail from my roommate of 4 years ago, informing me that a package had come for me - addressed to my maiden name, to an apartment I lived in for a matter of months - containing a whole thing of Enfamil. Who had my address then, but doesn't now, that knows I've had a baby and would send me a box of infant formula?? I'd assume it was a promotion of some kind, but usually companies will get your info by sharing with other companies with similarly targeted products, and since I had nothing to do with anything baby until my name was changed and I'd gone through two more addresses after the one in question, that just doesn't compute. Not to mention the fact that anyone who knows me and knows about the baby knows that I'm avidly against the use of formula in our household and breastfeed exclusively. I have no clue who sent it, or why, but I guess I'm just going to have to enjoy the mystery.

2.) Also yesterday (it was an eventful day, clearly), Cadence was 'working' with me on the computer and marked an important e-mail of mine as spam. In order to retrieve it, I had to go into the spam folder which I almost never do. Imagine my surprise when I found, right there in the spam box (how silly, spam filter!) was a letter from none other than Gregory House. He just wanted to tell me how much money I could make if I got a college education (guess he doesn't think BFAs count?) and then worked in the medical profession. how nice! he even pointed out that, if I didn't want to receive letters like this anymore, I should send a letter to the medical billing department. How sad to think that this whole time I could have been chatting it up online with Dr. House, and I never even knew. At least this way, next time I get totally sucked into the show I can just send him an e-mail and ask him why he's so much like my dad, instead of just wondering on my own.

3.) Perhaps out of jealousy over James's brand-spankin' new macbook, my usually trusty, wonderful little powerbook G4 is slowly dying. I took it to the apple store a couple weeks ago and they wiped it, (I had 10,000 pictures on it. whooops!) reinstalled the OS and said if it still runs slow, its likely that my hard drive is about to fail. It ran great for a couple weeks, but over the past few days has resumed is slothful pace. this time I can't be accused of overloading it seeing as I have all of three files on it; one picture, one letter, and one word doc with pics and text. I'm somewhat devastated by this, but really all it means in the moment is that I can't effectively alleviate the twinge of guilt I get each time I see Kir's comments about posting cute baby pics or think about how, really, I've been wanting to do just that for months. so, to appease us both, I present to you the one photo that is actually on my comp right now:

Admittedly, this is not the best pic we have, there are many more of better quality and cuteness factor...but the cat-and-kid combo really just can't fail to induces grunts and groans of aww and oooh, and oooo, so we present, for your viewing pleasure, our inaugural tigerbug photo, Cadence and Puy sharing a moment.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Dealing with growing up.

I discovered this evening that my little Cadie-ladie's feet are no longer the innocent soft baby feet I found so fun to squeeze. They're still fun to squeeze and tickle, but they've now been hardened by many months of bouncing and dashing from one end of the apartment to the next. Yet another sign that our little girl is not a baby anymore.

In other news, I am going to endeavor to post a touch more frequently and hopefully cultivate some semblance of continuity. For example, I've now had my computer which I was so upset about having to go retrieve, that same night. I would've liked to have followed up a little more promptly.

Luckily, I have no one to answer to but myself (for now, at least... maybe Kate and I can trick people into becoming addicted to our every word through some sort of brainwashing and we will have people clamoring to have me post more often...)


I just (re)discovered an entry from my old livejournal that I wanted to share here. An untitled blurb marked 1:58am on december 16th, 2006, it is a beautiful example of [ just one of the many] things I love about Moose:

You know you're married to someone with perfect pitch when your husband emerges from the bathroom, sonic-care toothbrush in hand, and changes the itunes to a specific song, waits for the intro to pass, then continues to brush his teeth. At my noting the change, he declared "it's in key with this one!"
Oh I do love him.

Friday, March 7, 2008


So, I figured what better way to do my inaugural post then by ranting angrily about something. Unfortunately, I've been angry most of the day, and now it's simmered down to a low slightly acidic rumble in my stomach. But I'll give it a shot anyway:

I ordered a Macbook to replace my Dell desktop I got freshman year of college. There are many reasons for why I'm getting rid of my Dell, and going for a laptop - a Mac, no less - and I'm pretty excited. I'm excited for the change; for the extra space we'll have by chucking a desk; getting to share Mac jokes with Kate; have Mac parties; share stories about Macs; and all the other fun things that PC users can't even begin to fathom. I know there's all sorts of cool stuff for Mac users to do, but Kate has been denying them because, until I've got that new piece of hardware in my hands, I won't officially be a Mac user.

In any case, it cost a lot of money but it was okay, because our tax refund ( covers the large majority of the cost, and Robert and Audrey decided to co-sponsor an upgrade in RAM as a belated birthday gift. We ordered it last weekend, along with some other Apple hardware, and expected the Mac to get here sometime next week. Imagine my pleasant surprise when I discovered that FedEx and Apple had gone above and beyond and my new toy was going to get here yesterday morning!

In fact, Kate heard someone buzz up yesterday morning... she couldn't hear who it was because our intercom has had some issues (for quite some time, actually) and she mostly got feedback, but it sounded like it was a delivery. Turns out, she was right, it was FedEx with my surprisingly early Macbook. Unfortunately, I guess my 5 lb laptop was a little too much to walk up a couple flights of stairs, and the FedEx deliverywoman decided that it was easier just to say that NO ONE WAS HOME and leave a slip. Thanks FedEx.

So Kate gchats me and decides to make an angry call to customer service. A very nice gentleman named Dennis spoke with her and told her he was directing the driver to come back and deliver the package. Fast-forward to that evening, and surprise surprise, the cargo has been scanned in again back at the processing facility. No worries, says I, as it will be sure to be delivered tomorrow morning!

Now we're to today, and me getting late for work because we're waiting for FedEx to come down half a block. I could see the truck out the window! I get fed up and leave, walking to the truck where I ask for my package. Evidently it was in a different truck, and there are a lot of trucks that run through our neighborhood. Dejected, I'm off to work.

Evidently, FedEx sucks quite a bit.; For example, when I got back from lunch this afternoon, I compulsively checked the tracking status and, evidently, no one was home at 1:44pm today, when Kate hasn't been out all day... in part because she's waiting for an important package from FedEx. Gee.

So Kate made another angry phone call (I only managed a passive aggressive one to customer service) and got the manager of the distribution center here to promise to have it delivered tomorrow morning. The problem? I now have absolutely no trust that they will actually follow through. So, I will soon be going out to the warehouse and I'm going to pick it up myself because delivery companies are hugely unreliable and I'd rather not sit by the door like an abused puppy waiting to get smacked again. (I'm not sure if abused puppies actually do that and I'd rather not find out...)