Tuesday, December 16, 2008

First haircut

Last thursday, we finally had to face the facts:  Our little lady's hair was getting long and unruly, and she spent a good amount of time each day trying to get it out of her eyes, but wouldn't stand for clips or anything on her head...it was time for a haircut.

We took her to a salon, and we all got trims (though mama got 5 inches off, ack!). Baba went first so Cadie could see what was up.  Once he was done, I asked cadence if she wanted to do that too, and she said yes, and climbed right up in the chair!  She was freaked out by the smock, so we opted to do the trim without it, and other than that, she was an ideal (if slightly wiggly, she wanted to see what was happening) hair-cutting customer.  

In the end, it went swimmingly, and she got not one, but two lollipops out of it for being so great, but we still think it may have been a mistake.  Giving this little girl bangs?  Making her seem that much more grown up?  Adding to the mischievous cute?  What were we thinking!?  You be the judge...