Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Good day

Today brought two happy pieces of news... pending a passed drug test, and a clean background check, I've finally gotten a job: part-time temporary cashier for Home Depot! I'll be making less than I did when I worked in retail in high school, and yet I'm remarkably excited and happy. I suppose 9 months of fruitless job searching and numerous rejections can do that to a person. In other news, I've officially broken into US News's top 10, as Northwestern has just officially accepted me! All in all, a very good day. Kate, Cadence and I have also finished the majority of the shooting for a special little project... more on that later.

I'd also like to mention something that happened this morning. I went to take a shower and Cadence wanted to come with me. She helped me by bringing my clothes to the bathroom and then hung out on the floor while I was showering. Soon after getting in, I tried to shampoo my hair, but the bottle was empty. "Uh-oh, out of shampoo," I said and dropped the bottle on the floor, and found some old shampoo of Kelly's that I used instead.

There was a loud raucous outside, Pepper barking, and voices and I realized the cable guy had gotten there early. I had left the door slightly ajar for Cadence to leave if she got bored. She left, presumably to investigate what was going on, so I snuck out and closed the door. A short while later, I heard "Baba!... Baba!!..." and some knocking on the door. Luckily, Kate was able to come and open the door and they came in. Kate told me Cadence had brought something for me, and I peeked outside of the shower and there was our little girl, holding out her bottle of baby shampoo (from the other bathroom) and said, "poo!" Kate told me she'd been waiting outside the bathroom door, with the shampoo, shouting "Baba!!! poo!!! Baba, poo!!!"

Thank you Cadence. You are the best little lady ever.