Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Bragging Time!

I've been meaning to do a more in depth post about what I view as a warm and fuzzy accomplishment in my career for a while now, but time has gotten away from me, and now I have more to talk about - so I will dispense with detail here and opt for what will hopefully be a shorter but somewhat dense post covering all the fun points.

Today is evidently a big day for me, and the whole family alike!

First off, the event that I alluded to in my little intro: Today is my big screen debut [unless you count extra work, in which case My Super Ex-Girlfriend took care of that a couple years back...or Across the Universe before that, but I was fully masked for that one] which is taking place at Sundance, no less, where the Animal Collective's 'visual album' is making its world premiere!

Entitled ODDSAC, it's not a narrative film, nor is it strictly a music video; when I auditioned for it back in 2006 it was being called an "art film" and though I haven't seen the finished product yet, I think the concept is pretty cool. The guys in the band found a director, Danny Perez, whom they liked working with, and together they created a series of intriguing, surreal visual images, and the plan was for the band to then write music to go with them - not scoring them, necessarily, rather creating sounds inspired by those images and interwoven into them.

I had a lot of fun filming this, and am very proud of it despite not having seen it yet. [Hopefully I won't be disappointed in my performance when I do see it, but I've been assured by both Danny and one of the producers that I won't be. Here's to trust!] I don't want to give too much away, (though I don't know how much I could, truth be told,) but if you see it watch for my most intense work in the opening sequence!

Wanna see a trailer? Here ya go:

Secondly, today was also the release of Prince Royce's new music video, Stand By Me, which you may have already heard about if you read the Dear Cadence letters I post on this site. This one is really more of a Whole Family Brag, since all three of us made it into the final cut. I do a pretty good job of blending in, but James can be seen clearly in most of the shots of Royce in the Imagine circle (he's in the back, with the beard, taller than just about everyone else!), and Cadence managed to get herself two close-ups, one of which was a solo performance! As the proud parents, we think there should have been more of Cadence with the candles, but I suppose we may be ever so slightly biased. But see for yourselves! what do you think?

If you like the song, please consider purchasing it from itunes...Prince Royce will be donating all the proceeds garnered from it by February 19th, 2010 towards the relief effort in Haiti.

I've maxed out my blogging time so please forgive the rushed list that is the rest of this post: We've decided that it's a good omen if I get work on a Matt Damon film while pregnant, and considering that I was working on The Bourne Ultimatum when Cadence was born, the fact that I have been spending my days lately working on the upcoming The Adjustment Bureau should mean we're good now. Never fear, while this is indeed another accounting gig, I also just got word today that post-production is tugging along on The Willows, (very much a working title) the independent feature I filmed over the summer, and which will be my first feautre-length leading role on screen...so hopefully I will have more performance - related goodies to share in the not-too-distant future.

Goodnight, and happy adventuring to everyone on their own paths!