Wednesday, July 13, 2011

On the DOJ

Hazel: (signing) Where's Baba?
Me: Baba's in DC. He's probably getting ready for work right now (looks at clock) Oh, actually, it's 8:00 already, which means in DC it's 9:00 and he's probably already at his office.
Cadence: But Baba doesn't work at an office, he works helping police-es to change the way they work.

[two hours later, as I'm writing this post, I couldn't remember how she phrased it so I asked her what baba did for work, and this time she elaborated:]

Cadence: He works with police-es to change the way they work, because sometimes people do things that they aren't supposed to, and sometimes when that happens, the police-es have to grab them, and sometimes when they do that, they do it a little too rough. And Baba works to make sure that doesn't happen.