Saturday, August 25, 2012

10 years!

10 years ago today, I moved into my first NYC domicile and met a group of friends who would prove to be some of my best for years to come, and whom I still hold near even if we seldom see each other.  Chief among them was the boy who would become my husband, and I couldn't be more grateful to have him in my life.

James, I am so glad that we both so uncharacteristically acknowledged and pursued our interest in that first week, and I am amazed and humbled by the journey we have been on ever since.  We've experienced life together and on opposite sides of the ocean; we've gone through some really tough times and learned so much from them; we've gotten married, adopted our cats, pursued careers, and now we are expecting our third(!!!) child while being constantly amazed by the two we've got running circles around us already...Thank you for being my partner in all of this, my love, I am so grateful to have you, and to be able to grow with and around you, and I look forward to many more adventures in the years to come.

Happy 10 years, James!!

The first photo ever taken of the two of us. (Thanks Nilsa!) I think this was an hour or so before we officially started dating...8/30/2002