Saturday, November 3, 2012

To the future!

We got some happy news the night before last - no, no baby yet - but James got the official word that he passed the NYS bar exam! Of course most of us had no doubt that this would be the outcome, but we are super proud of him nonetheless, and it is a huge relief to know for sure that he (we all) won't have to go through that whole bar prep/testing stress again...especially not during the first few months of our new baby's life, which is already going to include a major move (our return to NYC in a month or two).

Leave it to the kids to keep things in perspective, though: when James gleefully told them that he passed, Cadence said "so does this mean you have a job?!"


Well, no, Cadie B, it doesn't...but it's still a really good thing and a step in the right direction!

We decided to celebrate anyway...Alas, the little bit of celebratory champagne I had did not encourage baby's arrival, as was rumored. C'est la vie.

We remain on baby watch as I continue to be pregnant-now at 39 weeks, 5 days...I can't really complain about that since technically I'm not even full term, but my last two came completely naturally at 39 weeks and 39 weeks 2 days, so it feels strangely long...though I know it really isn't. I actually don't think I would care so much about the timing under normal circumstances, but since mom has to return to the south next week for her surgery, I'm quite anxious for baby to get here so they have a chance to spend some quality time together before she leaves.

Contrary to my feelings during the storm when I was avoiding anything that might trigger labor, I'm now actively avoiding anything that might, well, avoid it. Instead of taking it easy and letting myself be cautious, I've been wearing my (very low) heeled boots and walking around downtown dc carrying my giant backpack and Hazel, enjoying spicy meals, dance parties with the kids, lifting stuff, chasing cats under furniture...and so far, nuthin'.

I'm half convinced this kid wants to be a thanksgiving baby.


But in the meantime, we are trying to make the most of this waiting game, and are thinking a lot about our friends who are still struggling with the effects of Sandy...many are still without power, heat, hot water, and many are still unable to get access to their homes - some are even facing total loss of their homes from damage that amounts to the need for condemnation - so I really do feel amazingly lucky and I don't mean to take what we have for granted or complain about our relatively very cushy situation...

Here's to the future! Jobs! Babies! Homes! Quick & painless recoveries, FOR ALL!!!