Monday, January 28, 2013

Dear Calliope: month 2

Dear Calliope,

Hello my dear, sweet girl. I love you so much, so deeply, so unimaginably are sleepily nursing in my arms as I type this with one thumb on my iPhone, and the splendid, awe inspiring reality of you is more than I can take. You are so amazing, my super smiley, chipmunk cheeked little girl...I look back now to the time around when you were conceived, and I cannot believe that I ever thought our family was complete without you. Cannot fathom how I could ever possibly have feared your arrival. You, my dear, are an incalculably necessary piece in our family puzzle, and a part of my life that I simple could not do without. There is was a big blot of inexplicable emptiness in me that I used to try in vain to fill with new ideas, but now I find brimming with inspiration and was you, that's what I was third child, my little muse, who smiled and laughed right from the start. Who delights so much in being with her older sisters, who of course dote on her with such pride and love. Who will giggle at the tickle of her baba's beard and snuggle into the arms of the many people who love her so.
You, my little Calliope, have given me the gift of believing in myself in a way that transcends "impossible" like never before. I can't wait to see how you will grow, and how our family -and each of us individually-will transform as your gifts and strengths and fears emerge. We all love you like you'd never believe.
Sweet child, thank you for letting us share this adventure with you, and for sharing this journey with us.

I love you beyond forever and back.
Love always,