Sunday, June 21, 2015

For my Dad

Dad & I at Niagra Falls in 1980-something

I want to wish you a super duper happy Father's Day... I am so lucky to have had the wonderful love and support you have provided me with throughout my entire life. It is a love and support that I can always count on, and always take great comfort in as I move through my own crazy life. I certainly don't take it for granted.

Thank you for helping me to be the person I am today. Thank you for arming me with many of the tools I use every day as I face the weird challenges life provides, and thank you for sharing your humor and your respect in the process. I always know that I can count on you to have my back, even from myself. And I always know that you are there if I want to share a silly video or a cool new bit of performance art...thank you for still being such an important part of my life, despite the geographical distance.  I hope that will continue to be true forever!  (Except maybe that distance bit.  I do hope that someday it won't be such a big gap.)

I love you so very much.

Happy father's day!

I love you, Dad!