Sunday, November 1, 2015

Adventures in (not really) being a Pinterest mom

Hera help me, I've decided to try to sew.

In a fit of domesticity, I've made good on my decision to try to make my kids' halloween costumes when I can.  This year, Calliope is putting me to the test.  She wants to be a Cake for Halloween.

EDIT: Ok so I kinda skipped the documenting it part - BUT! I successfully made Callie an Orange Layer Cake Costume for Halloween!  See???

Materials are mostly felt, some interfacing, and some plumbing tubes.  It essentially functions like a hoop skirt, so she can sit, stand, run, jump, climb stairs, and even be picked up and carried, completely unencumbered...I'm admittedly a little bit surprised and proud of the fact that I was able to engineer this design.  Everything I saw (mostly, yes, on Pinterest) wasn't practical or fun to wear (or easy to store!! This collapses down to a couple inches thick, the diameter of the base layer.  Easy peasy storage!) so I set off on my own to make this happen.  So glad I did, even if I'm not the best seamstress (and I broke every single one of my sewing machine needles in the process) because the kid's eyes lit up and she wore it all night with no complaints...she adored it, which made everyone adore it, which made her proud (she came up with being a cake - an orange cake - all on her own) and that in turn made me proud so...yeah, I may not be a Pinterest mom, but I am a slightly crazy and happy one.