Saturday, December 12, 2015

Ultimate Fighters!

In honor of his big win yesterday - and to offset the rather sad tone I've been stuck in of late - I thought I'd make a little post about that time my three silly kiddos took on Coach Ryan...AKA The winner of this season's The Ultimate Fighter.  Wooooooo whoooooo!!

TUF 22 Champ Ryan Hall with three vicious opponents
...Actually I don't even really have anything to say about it, I am just super happy for Ryan -and his fabulous wife Jen, an accomplished marital artist herself, who runs the business and supported him through this journey- and wanted an excuse to publicly congratulate them on this exciting development.  Yesterday Ryan dominated Artem "The Russian Hammer" Lobov to win a UFC contract, in addition to the championship accolades inherent to this show/fight.  We are all so thrilled, and proud, of our friends and teachers!

I am extremely grateful that we get to train with such high caliber athletes - and PEOPLE! Seriously, you don't find hearts this big and open all that often.  (They have even made their gym - Fifty/50 Marital Arts Academy - a drop off point for Carry The Future!) They maintain a fun, supportive, warm atmosphere at their studio which makes the high level training they provide like candy...we spend hours there every time we go, because we love being there, and consider the people there good friends at this point.  They're good folks.

So, Ryan and Jen - CONGRATULATIONS!!! We are beyond thrilled for you.  And while I'm waxing gushy anyway, let me just say - you guys have done so much for our family, and we do not at all take for granted how incredibly lucky we are to have you in our lives. Here's to new adventures!!

Calliope springs to action in a shadowboxing match with Ryan while her sisters & Jen look on...

Ryan gets a taste of his own medicine as Cadence refuses to get off of him. :-P

Hazel smiles with glee as she takes Ryan's back...kinda.