Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Packing!...but mostly, watermelon.

Things have been pretty chaotic around here.  Deciding to up and move your entire family to an entirely new environment a thousand miles away, and ditching half your stuff in the process, all in three weeks time, makes for a crazy three weeks.  We've been sorting and packing and gathering records and trying to field all the "WTF you're leaving?" calls and trying to organize our farewell party (and silent auction!) for this sat (e-mail if you need details!) and...

Well, Cadence has been extremely helpful during all of this, helping us pack (above), entertaining visitors, and just generally being her wonderful self.  On saturday, she had her very first taste of watermelon, which I had cut up for her.  She liked it, but wasn't as interested in it as she was in the slices that the rest of us had.  So, on Sunday, we went ahead with a Grand Experiment and gave her her very own slice.  The results:  We died.  It was too much cute.  She LOVED it!  And she bit off tiny pieces that posed no choking hazard.  Hurrah! 

It was a mini, seedless watermelon, which proved to be just exactly Cadie-sized, and perfect for munching on with those aching, tooth-infested gums.

Ack!  the baby-sized bite marks in the baby-sized melon, with those baby-sized hands holding it so delicately...these photos just can't do the event justice.  I'd say it was the highlight of something, but with Cadence around, every moment is a highlight, and she keeps things so unique it's hard to compare one event to another.  [For instance, our simple trip to the container store yields moments of preciousness like this:

Aren't they cute?]

Another noteable moment came this Saturday, when, after a mere 3 years (3 years!  Seriously!!) Puy finally met Puy.  Here they are together, in all the glory that is Puy, x2.