Friday, October 3, 2008

The Time of Reckoning Nears

Well, my big day is coming up. Which big day, you may ask? The LSATs of course! After having spent the last month studying almost every day, and having spent most of May studying as well, I am gearing up to put myself to the test. I've set myself pretty high expectations, having scored 3 or 4 179s, and a few 178's, in my practice tests - but that 180 has still managed to elude me. But I figure that just means I have room to improve tomorrow morning. In some ways, my current status as one of the employment-challenged, has been a boon for getting ready for this test since I've had the luxury to spend my mornings taking practice tests around the same time I would actually be taking it. Anyway, it's almost time for my game face. >:-(