Friday, April 3, 2009

Law School Updates: SETBACK :-(

After tasting victory five times in a row, I was bound to get some bad news eventually... My first not-acceptance just arrived - in the middle of writing my Duke post, no less. Columbia has just placed me "on reserve", which is worse than being outright accepted, although far better than being rejected. Basically, they've decided to postpone making a decision, which is different from being put on waitlist, and will re-review my file after the accepted applicants have responded. It was pretty disheartening to get that little letter from Columbia... As it stands, I'm leaning towards NYU - although Vandy will get its opportunity to change my mind next week... but if I had the opportunity to pick between NYU and Columbia, I think i'd pick Columbia. I could finally get some closure as I am getting flashbacks to when they rejected me back in 2002 after applying early decision... I ate a whole box of pasta in one sitting that afternoon. Pretty bad.

This particular setback is also pretty tough because it doesn't bode well for the big H and Y... I knew my chances to get into either were rather slim, now they've decided to go on a diet.

But I'll carry on...

(O Columbia, why must you toy with my heart so???)

I'll leave you with a cute picture to make all of us feel a bit better.