Sunday, April 19, 2009

Local Celebrity

The following is an excerpt of a page from the local publication SOKY Happenings:

Notice anyone?

So has half the town.

James has been getting a lot of violin playing in, between the Bowling Green Western Symphony Orchestra and my dad's band, Coyote's Angels (pictured above).  They've been doing pretty well for themselves, playing several gigs over the past few weeks.  So I guess it's no surprise, really, that now that he's working in a capacity which puts him in much more contact with the public than he has had since we moved down here, he's suddenly realizing how high profile his musicianship has become.

He gets recognized almost every time he leaves the house these days, and folks seem to love his playing; whether it was one of their gigs at Greener Groundz, WKU, the UU church (below), with the BGWSO, or the benefit concert they played for the Friends of Hollis. (As a sidenote, please do read her story and keep her in your thoughts and prayers.  She's one of dad's former students, and was a jolly person to have around...I always enjoyed her company.)

Now that their picture has appeared in SOKY Happenings, they have been even more high profile than before, and even more people are taking an interest in their musical talents.  It's too bad we're going to be moving away so soon, the musical future here seems so bright!

(PS- Apologies to our good friend Ian for my poor excuse for concert photography...we could use your expertise around here.  Just be grateful I didn't post photos from all of the gigs as I had planned to; believe it or not these were the best shots I got.)