Thursday, July 2, 2009

5 years ago today, July 2

July 2, 2004 saw:

Derrick discovered that he could fit into the shoes Carla got for her stint as Linda in Savage in Limbo and decided to take a walk to visit Daren while wearing them.


Liz experimenting with different ways to cook.

Liz making sure that Daren is well fed. I think he was talking to his mom on the phone at the time, which made it all the more fitting.

Beautiful Carla in her window.

Jess looks like she's yelling at us, but I think she was just talking to us from the window below.

Derrick likes his apartment.

the view from my window, looking to the right.

That night Derrick heard about a Capoeira 'show' and a bunch of us decided to ride down to see it. (Though my tire was flat, so I ended up riding on the back of derrick's bike, and felt gloriously like a dutch 12 year old.) We ended up missing the first one, but there was going to be a second game later in the evening, so we decided to hang out and wait. There was a really awesome web structure plaything next door, so waiting was hardly an issue.

There was also a gathering for some sort of rollerblading rally in that lot. Everyone in our group thought this person with the boom box strapped to their back was pretty cool. Shortly after I snapped this pic, they all suddenly left, silently, en masse.

I've always said that I look like an evil possessed baby doll in this photo, largely because of the eyeliner I was wearing for my stint as Denise Savage in Savage in Limbo , which I intentionally put on messily...and then couldn't get off. Stupid liquid eyeliner.

Tracy, Nicole S, and Alyson watch the rest of us act like fools at the top.


Derrick channelling his inner sloth

After a while it started to rain. We all headed inside at that point, and someone (I think Alyson) broke out some fake tattoos. Nicole wanted to put one on her neck, but had no water to do so...below is Alyson's solution, much to Nicole's surprise.

But it worked pretty well!


A shot of us stopped on a bridge in the rain. It was a fun night.