Saturday, February 27, 2010

Gearing up

Photo by Matt Cohen, Henna by Sandhya Patanga...amazing work!

As you can see, Baby #2 is growing well! We are especially happy to have no cause for concern after the crazy events that took place early in this pregnancy, and are now reveling in the normal worries and concerns that go along with preparing for birth! For instance, can I make it through the rest of the winter without buying a new coat? (If things start warming up in march, I think I might!) Can I last without upsizing my bra, again?? (um...not so sure on that one.) Do we go with vitamin K shots or oral drops once Baby gets here? Are we doing a good enough job of preparing Cadence for how much life is going to change in just a few weeks? (Yikes, the weeks are in the single digits now!) and of course, the big one...what are we going to name this kid?

Since we don't - and won't - know the sex of the new baby until he or she arrives, we need to be prepared with multiple names...we're good when it comes to girls' names, but have found choosing boys names to be insurmountably difficult. There seem to be fewer options for boys before you cross into the realm of 'weird' or just insensitive, and of course there are all the usual politics of who already has what name and what each thing means and the connotations of choosing one over the other...all knowing that this is the name your kid is gonna be stuck with for the rest of their life (or at least until they figure out how to get it legally changed...but even then, you can never fully shed it!). We're hoping to keep the name, whatever it may be, to a culture we have some personal connection to, not just blindly yanking a sound we like from a culture we are totally ignorant of...but finding a name that fits that criteria that we both like has proved difficult at best. Throw in that we found one name that we both liked, and Cadence, who's opinion matters despite her tender age, since she's perfectly representative of this kid's future peers, literally laughed at it declaring that it was "a very silly word," well...we're kinda stuck. And we don't seem to be alone, this sounds like a problem of the era, since we've talked to several expectant couples who are encountering the same issue...boys names are hard!!

Anyway, I'm hoping to be able to update a bit more frequently (I know I know, I keep saying that...) now that I've completed my work on The Adjustment Bureau and am down to just two gigs, one of which is more fun than chore since it mostly involves letting Cadence play with a puppy. (Did I mention here already that we have happily resumed our dog-walkin' duties, and have been spending our afternoons with Charlie once more?)

We'll keep you posted as we get ever closer to the arrival of this very busy little kid, and I promise we'll have a name...we are determined!!