Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Blogging from the blue school

I have a rare moment of downtime on my hands, with Cadence in class and Hazel asleep on my chest, so I figured I could do something adult-y and get something done, or at least do something for myself...but times like this are so rare that I actually have no idea what to do, and find myself totally unprepared! I thought maybe I could get some backed up blogging done, but none of the drafts currently languishing in unfinished limbo are stored on my phone, and I figured I should probably reacquaint myself with this culture of mobile blogging apps before I try to do anything too serious.

That and I'm kind of obsessed with last Thursday's photoshoot, and one image in particular...

Now, I've been resisting posting too many shots because I don't want to spoil the wow factor of the professional shots when they come in, but my goodness, i can hardly stand it, it is my new favorite image, it's the background of my comp, I can't stop looking at it (and then going to squeeze these girls in big mama bear hugs, because they are so unbelievably awesome, and that picture just reminds me of all the awesome, and makes me feel like my heart and head are about to explode.) And since I put the darn thing on my phone I've been struggling to resist the urge to show it to EVERYONE I encounter here at the school, so I figured a safe compromise would be to stick it on here, lest I become THAT mom...so ya wanna see? Here ya go!

I mean, seriously? I snapped that on my broken point-and-shoot...just imagine what Lelia's artistry and technical skill with a camera will bring to the table...I cannot wait to see her finished spread with details and environmental shots and...

I am one very proud Mama.