Saturday, October 29, 2011

Twilight zone.

I feel like I'm in some alternate reality today.

It's been a surprisingly mild fall season so far.  We haven't even busted out the heavy coats yet, the highs have been mostly in the 50's and 60's, so we haven't had any reason to complain.  This has made us complacent about the time change that is quickly approaching (is that next week already?!) and we've gotten TOTALLY off of our normal sleep schedule.  This is probably the main contributing factor to the fact that, for the past several days, getting Hazel to go to sleep has been like attempting to put the freakin' Energizer Bunny to bed.  She just keeps going and going and think she's out and she hops back up, does a dance, flops down, demands Moonshadow for the bazillionth time, tries to wake her sister, and beats a new rhythm with her hands while trying to make me give her Elmo baby milk.  sigh.

The result of the fact that it has been taking at least two hours to get her to sleep is that I often fall asleep (first?) too, and have gotten NOTHING done that I need to do, which leads me to wake up stressed in the middle of the night /wee hours of the morning, unwilling to get up to do anything, but not really that is what I assumed was happening when Cadence and Hazel woke me up this morning, demanding oatmeal. (Yes, Hazel can say things like "oatmeal" now.) It was still dark outside, and I immediately began to think about how much I could get done on Hazel's Halloween costumes before the sun rose...but when I finally hurled myself off the bed, I realized the dark was cloud cover, and we'd actually slept in.

So here we are, a couple days before halloween, I am in a sleep-deprived other-world, worrying about halloween costumes in this weather that doesn't seem particularly un-summer-y yet, and...wait, is that...SNOW???

Yep.  That cloud cover was a snowstorm brewin'.  The flakes are coming down thick and fast, and Hazel is totally awed, and has been standing in the window (wearing nothing but a diaper, mind you, the kid doesn't believe in 'cold') shouting about the "snow fall down!!" for the past half an hour.

I don't remember snow this early in the year since I was really little, and in fact I remember being disappointed in years where the first snow came later, and later- but always before my December birthday...and then it started coming even later than this is exciting and slightly baffling and in my slightly dazed state the only thing I can think about is whether this will effect our brunch plans today.

Anyway, I've gotta run, Cadence says "the show is about to begin!" and Hazel is beginning the attention is needed elsewhere.

Happy first snow of the season, folks!  Stay warm!
Gawking at the snow, which you can't really see in this pic!)

iphone cam doesn't really capture the falling me, it's there.
They were "staying dry"!