Tuesday, January 24, 2012

THE FLU, part II

...well, it was kind of MOSTLY over...we made it through that night alright except that Hazel woke up at 4 am thinking it was time to paaaart-aaayy! and the next day both kids were fine in the morning and got increasingly fussy throughout the day, and then spent that night being fussy, fidgety, whiney, and NOT sleeping really, I think because of opportunistic upper respiratory bugs with the sniffling coughing yuck which means I didn't sleep, either...Sunday we tried to lay low, and thought we were finally in the clear...until James' belly rebelled and I spent the night waking up with him. At least the girls are ok, now, I thought, until early early in the morning when Hazel unexpectedly vomited ON MY FACE AND IN MY HAIR...and James had moved the bowl so I couldn't find it and by the time he woke enough to figure out what was going on and retrieve it well...it was time for yet another bed sheet, pajama, pillowcase, and blanket change.  Oi. The next night  - last night - I stayed up after the ladies went to sleep to catch up on some work and such, so went to bed late.  The night itself was a bit restless but ok, until the girls again rose at the crack of dawn, and I haven't had a full (or even half?) a night's sleep since last week sometime. (I bet you can tell just reading this.  I doubt I'm at the peak of my wordsmithy skills.)

Here's hoping tonight will be better.  (nevermind that Cadence JUST finally fell asleep about 10 minutes ago.)