Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The mouths of not-quite babes

I am LOVING this overly talkative stage that Cadence and her peers are in at the moment.  Whether it is playground antics, thoughtful musings, or "DUH mom it's obvious!" explanations, they come up with the most amazing stuff.  Here are some examples of each:

A few months ago, I accompanied Cadie B's class to the playground, and while I was there I overheard the following conversation between two of her four year old classmates:

Isabel (runs up to Orion and says):  Excuse me, but are you part of the world?
Orion: Yes.
Isabel: Ah. Well then, I'm sorry but I'm gonna have to conquer you!

Earlier today, after a long, festive hide-and-seek tag type game, Cadence spontaneously turned to me and said, quite thoughtfully:

Cadence: Some four year olds are really big, but they're not very responsible.  But I don't think I'm like that.  I think I'm a very responsible child.  Do you think so, Mama? That I'm not a not-responsible four year old, but a very responsible four year old?

Why yes, Cadence, Yes- yes I do.

And then this evening, well, I'll provide just a snippet of the very long, involved conversation that took place over the course of several hours that was SUPPOSED to be bedtime.  Cadence had successfully gotten James and I off on a tangent by asking about sleep cycles, but she was quick to reign us back in when the conversation risked moving on without her, and she did so in the most bone-chilling way she could have in the eyes of her arithmaphobic mother who is already intimidated by her baby's smarts:

James:  How long would you say my naps usually last?

Kate:  about 3 hours?

James:  Maybe I got through 2 sleep cycles per nap? Or I just have really loooong sleep cycles?

Kate:  I don't know, you'd have to talk to a sleep specialist about all that.

James:  I've actually wanted to do a sleep study - 

Cadence (clearly annoyed):  MAMA! I've been waiting for my turn to talk. I was going to tell you that baba's naps are 180 minutes long.


So yeah, either a mathematical genius that scares the crap out of me, or a reeealllllly good guess!