Friday, November 29, 2013


Happy Thanksgivukkah, everyone.

We usually spend thanksgiving with James' side of the family - a tradition started back when our relationship was barely a few months old, and something I have always treasured.  This year, however, the time James took off to help me through mom's passing and the subsequent travel for her services meant that he didn't have any leave to take today off.  This meant that we weren't able to make the trip up to connecticut as we had planned, and so we had our very first experience of having Thanksgiving on our own.  Which, of course, also meant prepping the entire feast on our own for the first time!  It was quite an undertaking, and the whole day was fraught with triggers-I could feel mom's presence, and the lack of it, in just about everything I did.  I was glad to have so much to cook, though, it kept me busy and kept my mind off of things.

Another very helpful element was James' friend and co-worker, Ben, who joined us for dinner last evening.  Ben brought Chanukah gifts for the girls, and showed them how to light a Chanukiah and shared some of his family traditions with us...In the end, I think a little celebration of light was just the thing to right our hearty but unsteady little holiday.

Thank you, Ben!