Sunday, December 1, 2013

Belated birthday gift

This little snake charmer found a new friend at the store today. She found that snake when we first walked in, wrapped it around her neck and strolled off...we tried to put it back many times, but she wouldn't hear of it.

We were there to get a much needed chair, not toys, so we insisted that the snake needed to stay in the bin with its friends-much to her dismay.

Of course then I started thinking about how the last time I came to that store, it was with mom. And how, if she had been there now, she would have gotten the dern thing for her, and then given me a little "whaddya gonna do, I'm the grandma, I get to spoil them" shrug before moving on. And how she was looking forward to celebrating Calliope's first birthday, which she fully expected to be there for.

So, of course, guess who now has a new serpentine companion, as a belated birthday gift from Nana, who totally would have wanted her to have it.

I totally think she intervened and made me do it. :-p