Saturday, September 3, 2016

Fall hits, mortality looms

Today my Callie baby said to me, as we were arriving home after a long lovely day at the pool; "mama, can I take a bath to wash all the pool molecules off me?"

And it seems official; I have no babies left; I still have wonderful kids but my baby days are gone.

I've been an emotional wreck ever since ...and I guess watching interstellar for the first time didn't help much. Especially since Hazel was using my phone to text James and I in the other room about how lonely she was with her sisters being asleep. With humor and perfect grasp of complex language srructure.

Whenever I think about how much I love the three of them my eyes start leaking all over again and my chest feels like it's going to explode over the size of my heart...

(If you look close, all three of them are there, they are just independent little spirits who are hard to pin dien!!) 

So much love to you all.