Thursday, September 1, 2016

22x22 for 22: day 9 & 10? I'm pretty sure?

For an explanation of what we're up to, click HERE

Today's pushups!

Hazel passed the test to earn her second stripe at jiujitsu today!  She celebrated with some silks pushups.

Cadence passed the test for her Grey belt today! She also celebrated with some push-ups...

Calliope's "pushups" were a bit...original...

And Kelly is visiting! hooray!  She joined the fun and did some too. 

And she likes to troll me.

And for my bonus challenge today, I'm posting last night's "assistance" from the Puy kitty...I was aiming to hold the full headstand for 22 seconds...but the cat conveniently blocked my view of the timer...