Tuesday, August 30, 2016

22x22 for 22: day 8, 9...

For an explanation of what we're up to, click HERE

Hazel had gotten stuck under a carmen cat before she started her pushups, so she tried to do them around the cat - one handed, since the cat was on the other one...it didn't quite work, but she got some nudges out of the deal:

James is still resting his back, but the girls decided to massage it with there pushups...or something...

Cadence did it first:

And then Calliope followed suit...in her own goofy, silly way...Love that Hazel tried to help her with her form, if it hadn't been so late Calliope probably would have loved having the help!

And as for me, well...Puy was my assistant for the evening.  She was on my back when I set up for the pushups, so I started with her there and then for some reason didn't adjust when she left, so these are super bizarre...based on my body shape I'm gonna call them "w" pushups...a bit more tricep heavy than what I have been focusing on, but I was also on my knees with a weirdly curved back, so...yeah not the best.

And for my double challenge today, I decided to attempt to do some ball V planks...on the cat scratcher, which is not flat.  They're sloppy, and I lost count when I noticed the cat chewing on something she shouldn't have been, so hopefully I actually made it to 22.  I'm not counting before I post.  Blissfully ignorant.

...And then I did some extra exercises because I am waiting for the dryer to finish anyway...I will save that silliness for another day, suffice it to say Puy was again quite helpful.

...and then I realized I haven't done any pull-ups lately and I should probably see if I am still capable of doing them...and that's how I got a bruise on my head. Evidently I can still do one; pulled myself up right into the doorframe! Not my most graceful move...

Now back to work. G'night!