Thursday, August 25, 2016

22x22 for 22: Day 6/5/double1!

For an explanation of what we're up to, click HERE

I *thought* Cadence, Hazel, and Calliope were gonna do this challenge this evening, but somehow we ended up with just these feet!

(Don't worry, they did all their reps, but the phone died before they were complete.)

Once those three crazies were in bed, James and I took our turns. Here's James...with some judgement from Lily:

 As for me:  I was initially put up to this challenge by my friend Jean...but then today, my friend Melissa tagged me in it, too!  This has happened before within this peer group (namely, to Melissa, who was tagged by both Jean and Kendra on the same day!) so there is a precedent for how to deal with it.

So, in addition to my 22 pushups each day:

 I will be adding 22 reps of an additional exercise to my tribute.  To kick off my inaugural double challenge day, may I present: Cat Squats.

(Kat, with Carmen Cat and Puy Kitty.)

(And in case you feel like something is off here, you are correct that these are not in chronological order. I actually did the squats first, then shaved my head, and did the push-ups.)