Saturday, August 20, 2016

22x22 for 22: Day 1

Every day, we lose too many people to suicide, and unfortunately a large percentage of those deaths are combat veterans. The popular quote is that we lose 22 combat veterans (and 1 active duty soldier) to suicide every day. It's a stunning statistic that shows how deeply we are failing these courageous sons and daughters when it comes to proactive and aggressive mental health care; and while the exact statistic has been questioned, I nevertheless believe this is an important cause to rally for. 
In order to raise awareness about the need to care for our returning soldiers, we will do 22 push-ups every day for 22 days and post videos here to encourage other to join us. 

So, if you'd like to join in by doing 22 push-ups in honor of the 22 veterans lost to suicide each day for 22 days, please join us in any way you can!  Not army strong?  No worries!  doing them in sets with breaks, or doing them on your knees is a-ok.  Fall outside the category of 'able bodied'? Adapt them!  Show us your power and do whatever variation/approximation/totally different exercise but still in full spirit that you feel comfortable with.

For more info on the challenge, please check out

Most of you have probably noticed this challenge making its rounds across social media, which is where I first encountered it myself.  Many of my friends have stepped up to do this and have put out some awesome and super creative was only a matter of time before I got tagged, and I'm happy to join in for an important cause.

Cadence, at 9 years old now and at the bleeding edge of being wholly embarrassed by me and everything I do, was right on board with this...until she realized I intended to do it in public. OMG. I'm so embarrassing.  But!  Cadence is a fearsome not-so-little awesome, and even though I invited her to do something wholly embarrassing to any sane pre-teen, I never told her she had to do it...and she impressed me (as she always does) by putting her self-consciousness aside and letting her beautiful confidence shine, in the name of a good cause - but y'know, at lightning speed so that we can be done with this and just walk around on two feet like all the other homo sapiens around. {Cadence, I know you read these now, so I just want to tell you - I love you more than I could ever, ever say, and I am always, always in your corner...I will never force you to do anything you genuinely don't want to do (unless its a matter of safety, 'cause, DUH.) but I am so glad that you joined me in this.  You make me proud in every single way. But even if you didn't, I'd still love you to pieces.}

Hazel, age 6, quick to latch on to the prevailing mood in a group, was also hesitant at first, but declared she'd be happy to, as long as it was on her terms (which of course, it always is - your body, your domain!) and can see what her terms ended up being at the outset.

Calliope declared that "those are too many pushups for me, I'm only 3!" but was more than happy to participate by acting as the all-important videographer!

Obviously not on camera duty here...this was right after I asked her what she was doing, and she declared "I'm being a panda."

As for me...well, my heart is in the right place, even if my sorry excuses for push-ups were beyond lamentable...But, with the help of this challenge, maybe I'll be able to work back up to having some decent form. (fingers crossed)
So, here is our first offering...and what better way to kick off our challenge than to jump in altogether, in front of some unimpressed lionesses!