Monday, August 25, 2008

Cadence's Navy

Cadence, our sweet, seemingly innocent little child, is carefully plotting her world takeover. Sure, you say, right, the baby...and what army?
Well, maybe no army.  BUT!  She does have...A Navy!!
A navy of...
[dun dun dun!]
Rubber. Duckies.

Yes, that's right.  You heard me. A navy, made up entirely of cute little rubber duckies.

The photographer risked life and limb to bring you these images from the high security training ground located in the master bathroom.  As you can see, young though she may be, she's industrious, and has spent the last year or so slowly recruiting the finest specimens.  We can only imagine what top secret plans she's got in place right under our noses.  Only time will tell!

Our only hope is to study the intelligence we have on the known recruits, that we may know their many powers!

Duck #1: The Admiral

Cathy the Duck.  Belonged to Mama when she was itty bitty, and as far as we know, she is the only duck with a definitive name. {or gender, for that matter.}  20 years of experience behind this Awesome, very loved duck.

Duck #2:  Captain
This duck belonged to aunt Kelly when she was young, also a very experienced, capable duckie.  

Duck #3: Lieutenant Junior Class

A gift from aunt Kelly when she was born, this duck had an early career as a lifeguard, astutely warning Mama and Baba if the baby's bath water was too hot.  Has since retired from this particular career, but we suspect that this experience is informing Duck #3's current assignments.

Duck #4:  Ensign

Part 1 of a Duckie Duo with Duck #5, Duck #4 is an accomplished spritzer, frequently working on distance and accuracy in water squirting.  Is a trick swimmer and can float upside down better than most.

Duck#5: Ensign

Part 2 of a Duckie Duo with Duck #4, Duck #5 is an accomplished spritzer, frequently working on distance and accuracy in water squirting.  Always carries a bit of back up amo which doubles as a ballast, and thus this suck rides lower in the water than your average duck.

Duck #6:  Ensign
Mama bought duck #6 back in NY as a reward for a great behavior after a really rough day out.  Good floater, exceptional high diving experience.

Duck #6a: Ensign

Sordid history here...Nanna Marianna initially purchased Duck #6a at the same time that Mama got Duck #6, though this fact was entirely unbeknownst to either party.  We can only assume that it was all part of Cadence's secret master plan.  
Perhaps Pepper has been recruited into Cadence's Navy as well, or perhaps it was a coincidence, we simply don't know at this point, all we do know is that Pepper stole this duck, which resulted in Nanna Marianna purchasing Duck #7 as a replacement.  However, there is some speculation that ducks 6 and 6a sometimes switch places in secret, perhaps as a form of deception or as a method of smuggling secrets.  They have on occasion been seen together in the presence of the mighty Cadie Ladie.  We must not discount the threat that ducks 6 and 6a pose in their unique position to imitate one another.

Duck #7:  Ensign

A gift to Cadence after the supposed loss of Duck #6a, though this duck has been seen with a certain big black dog on occasion, we suspect this duck may be in on the supposed 'ducknapping' of duck #6a.  Though pink, this is a very dangerous duck.

Duck #8: Ensign

A gift from Aunt Kelly's friend Joe and his mom for her first birthday.  Their knowledge of her need for skilled ducks is suspect.  This duck seems to excel in the "I'm just a decoy" category, spinning into a side float at a moment's notice.

Duck #9:  Ensign

An unplanned Gift from Mama and Baba, Duck #9 raises suspicion that Cadence may have ties that allow her to manipulate the flow of coupons and special offers from Bath & Body works.  See also:  the fluffy sheep that Duck #9 arrived with.

Duck #Octopus:  Status unknown.  Threat level vibrantly red.

Octopus.  'Nuff said.

Clearly, this is a highly trained group of floating, fortitudinous fowl.  Please remain alert.  We wish you the best of luck.