Monday, August 11, 2008

ow. ow. Ow. OW. OW.

So, here's a little James Yu trivia fact many may not know... I've had 8,576 consecutive days without getting stung by a bee. Well, the counter has been restarted. We got this hub from Gamestop which lets us manage all the video game systems we have accumulated. Anyway, I was fiddling with the name plates, and I managed to get one lost in the thing itself. I thought I'd seen a set of little screwdrivers in the garage so down I went with Cadence in my arms. Since I've moved down to Kentucky, I've gotten into the habit of walking around barefoot, which got me into trouble the other day when I stepped in dog poop. Right, so I took a scan of the workbench in the garage and didn't see any screwdriver. I turned around and felt the horrible sharp pain in my foot. It felt sort of like I'd stepped on a piece of glass so I looked down and noticed a bee writhing on the ground. Still holding the baby I hobbled up the stairs yelling for Kate. Kate got the stinger out, and Mary Ann brought me a bag of ice and I spent the next hour or so feeling the pain sort of come and go, each time like I was getting stung again. In any case, there's a little bit of a bruise but otherwise my foot's fine now.

So, what else? We're still looking for jobs, and haven't really had any success so far. I've expanded my search from paralegal jobs now, to a much wider range of jobs. I've put in a bunch of applications for jobs with the state of Kentucky, put in for a bank teller job, got caught by a few fake craigslist ads, and even a bartending job at a billiards club. Plus, Kate's dad put in a word for me with the conductor of the area orchestra, so tonight I started what will hopefully a practice regimen to get myself back into the game.

Also, the Olympics have been sucking up our attention lately.