Tuesday, August 5, 2008

I know you're strong

So Ian made us a couple of CD's as gifts before we left and Kate and I have had one of the songs stuck in our heads for the last two days...

Honestly, it's not such a big surprise that the song appeals to us so much. We are, if anything, cat people. Speaking of which, our cats have begun "getting to know" the country cats here. So far, there hasn't been anything to serious, some howling at each other from across the room, some running and chasing, hissing and growling but no physical confrontations so it's got me optimistic about how things will go.

So, what's new? Unfortunately, I've gotten nothing on the job search front. So far, I haven't seen any paralegal positions advertised so I've been sending out cover letters and résumés cold to law firms in the area which appeal, but none of them have had openings. A few have written back saying they'll keep my stuff on file but no one has asked me in for an interview. Disappointing.

In the meantime, Kate and I have decided to make a more serious go at learning some web stuff - html, css, javascript blah blah blah - and turn that into some possible freelance stuff. At the very least, it's giving me something to do so I don't freak out as much that we've been unemployed for almost two months. Ben gave me some pointers as to books, and I've been working on it a bit every day - with Pepper's help.

We've finally gotten ourselves unpacked and packed away... almost everything is now up in the attic and the rest has places to live throughout our room. There's only one box with a bunch of CDs and other media which is waiting to be unpacked. Otherwise, some order has been exerted on our room, so that's one less stressor to deal with.

Cadence is, as always, amazing - and in a way that is not diminished by the fact that she is constantly so. She has, among other things, taken to stepping into boxes (that's her in Puy's box) and plastic bins. I guess she's made efforts to get in in the past, but now her legs have finally gotten big enough so that she can actually get in.

Sad news is that we just found out today that Cadence has ear infections in both ears. She had been acting especially fussy once in a while and hasn't been sleeping well the past few days. Then, we were at the water park this weekend and Kate noticed there was some foul smelling discharge from one of her ears. Despite having an ear infection, which is her first real medical issue, she spends most of her time as though nothing is wrong. She's our little trooper.