Wednesday, July 30, 2008

first bike crash

...In which the can of crushed tomatoes is crushed, but the eggs are fine.

The first casualty of our biking lifestyle.

After a quick trip to Kroger, James tried to sneak up on Cadence and I in the driveway by coming across the lawn and over the sloping brick wall on the opposite side of the driveway. He would have been successful in his trick if he'd been about a foot to his left, where the wall is only slightly higher than the pavement. Alas, the slope (which you can't see from the side he was approaching from) was greater than he'd expected, and instead of hoping over the jump, he flipped the bike, landing on his backpack fully of groceries.  As you can see, the tomatoes got it pretty hard.  Thankfully, James was shaken but not damaged.  And yes, somehow, the dozen eggs that were in the backpack were totally unscathed.

But really, given how much we've been biking lately, its almost surprising that something hasn't happened until now, and thank goodness it wasn't something worse.