Friday, July 4, 2008


Kate pointed out to me that my last post was kind of depressing, which was not really my intent, and I feel this irrepressible urge to try and clarify somehow. Life down here is different, and I'm taking a while to adjust to a new kind of life, a completely new environment. But there are a lot of possibilities down here, that weren't available to me in New York. I'm learning to let myself enjoy these things, like a quiet afternoon on a hammock, or just sitting out in the sun. I've taken the time to just stop and exist in a way I haven't in years. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm feeling things out right now, figuring out a new rhythm for my life. It's scary and exciting, and holds a lot of promise; learning to let myself take advantage of that promise is a big personal hurdle, but I've started having fun in a way I haven't been able to for a while. There's some up and down, as is to be expected from life in general, but things are, personally, pretty good - and for our family, great. And that's something I don't think I underlined enough in my post: I have no doubt that this was the right choice for our family. I feel unsettled, but that life is getting better every day.