Monday, July 21, 2008

Hello folks!
I'm so sorry it has been so long since our last post.  Our truck finally arrived after a full month, and dumped the contents of our old life squarely in the middle of our room.  It has been rather rough trying to unpack and sort as quickly as possible, but we are making some headway.  We can see the floor again, at least in our room, but we've lost the kitchen table in a stack of detritus waiting for a spot in the attic, which needs additional flooring before anything can actually happen in terms of clearing stuff out.  c'est la vie.

Otherwise, though, and in spite of the chaos, things have been going surprisingly well for all of us.  We all seem to be thriving in this more open environment, and the overall happiness rating has been steadily rising as each new days goes by.  Sure, we still have our bad moments and trying days, but the difference in how we are able to cope with such events is astonishing.

We'll be back soon to post more about the various adventures (outdoor concerts!  fountains to play in!  slides!  furniture! inspiration!) we've been facing soon...we've just gotta get the living room dug out first...