Saturday, November 1, 2008

update from the frontlines

Today brings another day full of beautiful weather, and another perfect yardsale-ing day.  We'd almost forgotten about it, truth be told, in all of the excitement leading up to halloween (more news on that to come), and so the early wake-up call this morning was a bit of a suckerpunch, and saw a complete failure of technological alarm clocks.  The only one successfully roused was Mom, who's alarm comes in the form of kitty licks to the nose, reminding her that it is, in fact, breakfast time, and no one should be sleeping now.  Luckily she was able to get the rest of us up in time to realize that, hey, advertising works!  Whereas last time our start time came and went and we still had a leisurely set up, this time there were cars lined up 10 mins before we 'opened' and we were somewhat overwhelmed for the first two hours straight.  Even then, it was fairly busy right up til about 2:00, and we're still getting the odd customer or two now at 4:00.  
I Think the most impressive sale of the day goes to James, who managed to sell a violin to a guy who has never played by offering to throw in a couple of lessons on the cheap.
Oddest ongoing thing about the day easily goes to the critters...Pepper made a B-line for the van as soon as we let her out this morning, and refused...and I do mean, refused, to get out.  No amount of coaxing, commanding, bribing, bothering, or attempted tricking could mke her budge.  She stayed in there, quite happily surveying the scene, all day.  And the only thing odder than that was Jewels, who, believe it or not, joined her.  Go figure.  I don't know why.
 Anyway, I had thought to chat more about the incredible difference our ads made (note, the single pity sale of a cookie to a friend, vs. selling out early enough in the day that we ended up making a second batch) but thre is work to be done...if I've missed anything fun or important, I'm sure James can fill you all in.