Tuesday, February 24, 2009

The results will slowly be revealed: the beginning

So Just now, the mailman came to the door, causing the dog to bark like mad, which woke up everyone in the house (it was naptime, I was the only one not sleeping)...He dropped off a giant box that no one was expecting.  

It was for James.

He's busy doing his usual avoidance of his own accomplishments thing, so I'm taking matters into my own hands by telling you all that he received his first acceptance package from this round of Law school applications.

He's officially admitted to (and has a veritable library for) Vanderbuilt Law.  This admission knocks a few schools off the list...which means that even though it's only the first response, there's only 5 (.5) schools left to hear from before he has to make the big decisions..(the .5 being one school who has yet to send official notification, but has been sending him weekly newsletters for accepted students and invitations to admitted student receptions...)

Everyone please bother him about how this is a good thing.  He needs to learn to enjoy his accomplishments.  And take compliments.  It's for the good of his being.  Go.