Sunday, February 15, 2009

winter storm/first sledding

Last month, Kentucky experienced a sudden winter storm. While it devastated most of the state, it was also decidedly beautiful. The first day coated every last detail in a thick layer of crystal clear ice.

The following day, the ice melted away and big, fluffy snowflakes fell, and left just enough cover to allow us to break out the sleds. Just enough. Just exactly enough.

The above pic is Cadence about to embark on her very first sled run...

...and that is the celebratory wave to Baba at the bottom!

Mama heads down

Baba hurtles down, pursued by a valiant Pepper dog.

Cadence insisted on being in the sled at all times.  This is how she got around.  Good thing she has a young aunt and a protective dog to do the heavy lifting when Mama and Baba are tired.

James, right before he zooms past me and into a muddy canal, which stops the sled, but not him.

Baba looks on while Cadence goes on a ride with Kelly

Surveying the scene.  She's angry because we made her put the gloves on.  She refused to let us put them on earlier, but her hands were frozen and the executive decision came down that frostbite would ruin the day more than gloves, so a brief anger interlude ensued.  But then Sledding resumed and all was well.

Kelly demonstrating what happens when you sled down the dangerous side of the hill, into a very helpful sapling, protecting you from the barb wire a foot in front of you...

Cadence rides with Baba!  Can you find her?

Cadence is unamused by the small hill Kelly chose.

Racing!  Cadence and Kelly Vs. Baba.  Baba is taking the long route, I think.

Snowy boots!

Pepper the Valiant rushes off to secure the perimeter as Cadence, Baba, and Kelly reach the bottom

Gratuitous Cuteness.  And for any who are wondering:  yes, those are pajamas.  Living in the south, we didn't have a snowsuit for her, so we dressed her up warm and then stuck her footie pajamas over it all to seal the deal, followed by her boots and outerwear.  The result?  Warm, and cute!

Another example of Cadence's up-hill transport team

Ok, we all know where this one is headed, right?

Here's Kelly as she's juuuuust about losing control....

and here she is doing a synchronized flying routine with the sled:

Before landing, still synchronized, sprawled out flat on her back...notice Pepper is already running to her rescue.

All in all, it was a great afternoon, and I'm so glad we were able to take advantage of it.  [The very next week, it was 72 degrees out and no one even bothered to think about coats.  Go Figure.]

After this, we went home, and enjoying some mexican hot chocolate.  Think Cadie likes it?