Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Exam Pep Day II

Congratulations, Love!

You survived Bar Exam Day 1!!

OK, the pic is from Ben & Lee's wedding, but I thought Leonard's enthusiasm perfectly embodies our excitement for you even in the face of your own, erm, "fatigue"...

Or, at least I'll assume you did, based on the "resurfacing" text you sent me...if just said "Bloof" but HEY!  You managed to send me a text!!

So, I know the process of studying for this exam has made you feel a bit like this:

But LOOK! You're in the home stretch now...Only ONE DAY LEFT!!!

So, go get some rest:

and when you get up, check in with your inner Awesome:

Then get on your way:

Keep on soaring:

And Conquer this thing!!!!

Just think, by this time tomorrow, your inner landscape can look just like this:

Kelly brought this picture back from  her travels in Taupo, New Zealand.  Especially fitting here since this was from the day she jumped out of a plane.