Monday, June 1, 2009

5 years ago today, June 1

June 1, 2004 saw:

a trip to the aviary in hong kong!
Click on any pics to enlarge'll be able to see them better. I didn't put most of them up, they're all awesome birds, but I know I'v ebeen posting too many pics and not everyone is a fan of our feathered friends. Anyway:

This sign explains why there were so many weddings in the park...
playground? garden plaza? taiji court? sports centre? Marriage registry!

More turtles and fish.

Love the sunbathing flippers on this turtle.

Sadly, I no longer remember what this is. (other than it was significant somehow. maybe it made noise?)

I like that this sign asks you to sanitize your soles.

The 'c' denoting which bunk was mine...was backwards. oops.

We went to this bar in 'soho' in hong kong. turned out to have an 80's theme to the soundtrack.

Hassan, Nic, Carlos, (alan hidden) and Che at the bar, singing along.

Carmen and I round out the group. At some point someone stole Hassan's hat and put it on me, at which point everyone agreed that I needed to wear one all the time. Clearly, this advice did not stick.

This may have been the night that Rose went to macau to visit some relatives. She had a really hard time making it back to the hostel in time, having forgotten that macau is technically a different country. Che had a similar issue, he hadn't been planning on joining us in hong kong since he had an internship lined up in Beijing, and as we left for the states he was working on trying to get a new visa, since he had a single entry and didn't realize that coming to Hong Kong counted as leaving China. Oops. Guess that's part of why they have consulates, no?

And with that, I'll leave you with this clip of Che enjoying the music there in "shoho":