Saturday, June 27, 2009

5 years ago today, June 27

June 27, 2004 saw:

My pre-baby belly...but oddly still in a playground.

The big kids setting bad examples. (Notice the onlooker behind the pole?)

Carla befriended that little kid during this impromptu visit, and spent the rest of the trip talking about "[her] Small Blonde Child."

Derrick was too tall for this toy, as his toes will tell you.

Daren, Derrick and Carla, in a cube, the bottom of which was filled with water...

watch out, Carla!!!


Carla holding the hand f her small blonde child.

boys will be boys, I guess?

I should note that this was the day that the four of us went on an epic biking adventure, and we were all so proud of ourselves for having set off without a destination (or even a map!), broached new territory, and found this awesome park way outside of town. We wore ourselves out riding the whole way home, and felt smug as the exhaustion set in. Later, of course, we would learn that we had essentially ridden in a really big, wobbly loopy circle, and that park way outside of town was actually just a few blocks from our apartments. Ah well. guess that's what we get for being smug. We still had fun, anyway.

Westerpark is a really beautiful, awesome park, full of art (above) and wildlife (below).

Once we did make it back, I went to some more shows at the festival (feeling exhausted, but happy) and had a lot of fun . Nicole S kept frenetically changing seats when we first got there, and then declared grandly: "I need to have complete control over my Vista!" :-)

June 27, 2009 saw:

Fun in the backyard elephant pool with my family!

Cadence loved the water.

The Johnson Girls in the pool. L-R Kelly, Peggy, Cadence, Mom.

Then we warmed up, had a nap, and headed to the Lost River Cave to visit the butterfly park.

after a short walk through the woods, we headed back to the visitors' center, where we panned for gemstones.

All in all, it was a super awesome day. :-)