Tuesday, June 23, 2009

5 years ago today, June 23

June 23, 2004 saw:

lots of 'artsy' shots of my dinner, room, and various objects in it. I'll spare you most of them, and just include a couple shots of how nicely organized I was back then. (Which, sadly, are the least artistically inclined shots from the batch.)

[As a sidenote, I must have gotten my stuff by this point...I spent the first 4 days in the same clothes because my suitcase didn't make the flight, and it was of course the ONE TIME I didn't pack a spare set in my carry-on. figures. And then evidently the guy bringing it to me the next day was wandering around the apartment building looking for "Kaylien Jones" who of course no one knew, so he took it back to the airport. In the end I was riding down the street and saw someone walking towards our building with my suitcase. I almost literally ran into it with my bike, and was pissed for a second, and then had a moment of "hey, that's mine!" I was elated to be reunited with my stuff. Which was mostly clothes.]

The hallway, if you stepped out of our room and looked to the right

and to the left.

Hallway happenings.

Hm, jen's hiding, we can't see any clothes on derrick...what exactly is nicole looking at??

One of the things I miss most about Amsterdam: these impromptu times spent with awesome people, even if it was just a conversation in the hallway.

June 23, 2009 saw:

Me, stuck the couch with a bottle of Lortab. Which I mostly refused to use.