Saturday, June 20, 2009

5 years ago today, June 20

I've had a bit of a hiatus in terms of 5 years ago posts, since work got a bit crazy, and anyway I had fewer pics to share once I got home from China...Mostly shots of mundane things around the house that I wanted to have with me while I was away, since my time at home was so brief, as you'll see...on June 20, 2004, I got on yet another overseas flight, and began my time in Amsterdam!

Liz, in a toy store we wandered into as we waited for the theater school doors to be unlocked that cold, dreary morning when we all arrived, discombobulated, excited and nervous. (We each arrived separately. And arrived to find the doors locked. Eep!)

Our home(s!) Liz's room on the left, mine on the right. Our lovely little home on the princengracht!

Jacob's room and Daren, surprised to see my camera, emerging from his own. (They were directly across the hall from liz and I.)

the shower room Liz & I shared

...and the toilet room we also shared.

my private little apartment. I loved that itty bitty place. It was just right to call home.

The view out my window
out my window

Sunset out the window (just wait, the best one is to come in a few days)
at an angle, also looking out the window. Hello Amsterdam, you wonderful love!

EDIT: I forgot! I was going to share snippits from my little moleskine, too...of which a major part is the quotes I would write down. A few from this day:

"I have the attention span of a night light, what's happening?"- Liz

"I'm choking on my materialism, help!"-Jamie A, literally getting choked by the strap of his bag that was stuck in the doorway.

"Yesterday? Yesterday was a day and a half ago."-Sam. Ah, jetlag!