Friday, June 26, 2009

5 years ago today, June 26

June 26, 2004 saw:

Unwinding after hours with good people, in a bar that was full of buzzing excited energy.

I don't remember where liz and I got those lollypops, but I think it was exciting at the time. But Maybe we just really needed candy.

Liz says hello to the camera.

L-R, Mitsu, Darren, Allyson, Carla, Laryssa

Score!!! (Did I mention that the bar was playing a live feed of the Eurocup Semifinals, in which Holland was playing?)

rooting for our newfound home team...and winning!

Football (soccer) is a big deal in europe, don'tcha know.

Margaret is elated.

Lucky you all, I have a video from the night, too...just a few seconds of the utter excitement that erupted when Holland won the game!:

I wasn't really aware of how big a deal it was until it happened. We walked home that night and the whole city was alive and loud. And orange. Bikes, cars, pedestrians, people in buildings, shouting honking throwing streamers, it was amazing!

We stopped at this bar on our way home, just long enough for liz to dance on the table. I don't think anyone even ordered anything.

June 26, 2009 saw:


Why is Cadence so excited?

Because her great-aunt Peggy came to visit!

Mom and Peggy reliving songs from their childhood. Which now seem...a tad inappropriate.

Cadence sports a pony tail while hanging out with Mom & Pepper

Peggy gave Cadence her birthday gifts early, so she could be there to see her open them. Cadence really liked her new books! Thank you, Peggy!