Saturday, May 16, 2009

5 years ago today, may 16

Five years ago today:
May 16, 2004 saw:

My good friend Kir, as she pointed out, at the start of our friendship, on a bus in Shanghai.

Some Tischies, or at least the backs of their heads.

This is the Shanghai Theater Academy, the very generous host school where we stayed and studied.

We were housed in what was helpfully labeled in english as the "foreign experts building."  

I would like to take a moment to give credit where credit is due; at some point on our trip, my memory card decided it needed to be reformatted and I lost all the pictures I had taken. I refused to mess with it, hoping that someday the technology would exist to allow me to recover my photos. All of the photos above were taken by my friend Phil Bolles, who was kind enough to share them with me.

Skip ahead to (about this time!) last year, I took  that memory card into tekserve, and lo and behold, they were able to save some of my beloved lost pictures.  Not all of them, but enough to make me feel plenty validated for holding onto that card without reformatting it even when the tech 'experts' told me it was junk.  My own photos from this day are below.

Laura and I, evidently following some sort of tacit dresscode for blondes.

From L-R, that's Phil, Andrea, and Laura hangin' out in a cave in Jing An Park.

Just so you can see the pretty pond, too.

The entrance to Jing An Park

May 16, 2009 saw:

A trip to Bernheim Forest with Mom, James, and Cadence!

We met a gentleman with funky hats!

We built Faerie houses!

We had some ice cream...

Some messy messy ice cream.  

But, luckily Cadence found a way to eat it without getting messy.  

It was a long eventful day, which saw more geese and cool pants and learning to play mountain dulcimers, seeing snakes and baby quail and...a lot.  Including Cadence's first tickbite, and the accidental loss of my trusty glasses to the bottom of a deep murky pond.  Oops!