Wednesday, May 20, 2009

5 years ago today, May 20

May 20, 2004 saw:
Ok, my not-really-the-right-date thing is starting to bug me a bit,  because things are getting even more screwy...I have a bunch of videos, too, and evidently, for whatever reason, the videos are saved as a different date than their still companions.  I have videos from the stuff in shanghai that think they took place in june, but we left shanghai in may.  Gah.  I think I'll just stick those in with whatever day I end up sticking the still companions in.  (which, FYI, means I'll be adding at least one video to past posts.)  Yeah, yeah, I know it's kinda pointless to worry about, but it's bugging me so I figured it'd be worth mentioning.  Anyway:

Tisch chaperones in the yard behind the museum we were at.
This is the day we went to the big market, I don't have any pics from it, but we'd just come from there, and were all a bit exhausted from the haggling and such, and were carrying lots of goodies.  

Carlos, Che, and a bunch of the girls behind the museum

Kir and I reflected in the class of a really beautiful stone inlaid picture.

Kir, proving that even when you're in an irish pub run by russians in china, you can still get a Philly Cheesesteak.

This cat lived in the pub, and came to sit with us while we waited for our food to come.

Laura and I in the pegasus dance club in shanghai.  It was so crowded you could barely move, though in the moment we snapped this pic, there was a lot of space right behind us.  Maybe this will help give you an idea of what it was really like:

Phil's pics labeled as the 20th:

Katherine and Gracie

This one is labeled "south-side"...

and this one, "north-side"

Hassan, Laura, Andrea and Rose waiting for everyone to get their butts downstairs.  Where was I during this?

Sitting with the kitty, of course.  What else would I be doing?  Loved that cat!