Friday, May 29, 2009

5 years ago today, may 29

May 29, 2004 saw:

lots of hiking on various hong kong islands. Such as this 'family trail' to "cave Kamikaze."

The name comes from WWII...there's a placard a few pics down that explains it in more detail.

We passed this 'cave kamikaze' on our way to a beach, actually.

Phil peers in as Carlos and Che leave the scene of some bad joke I've since forgotten.

Cave entrance sans people.

If you click on the picture and view the full size image, you can read the english section of the placard. It basically explains that the japanese were planning to hide kamikaze boats in the caves, to be used against allied ships if they should approach, but the war ended before that actually took place.

Can you spot the really awesome spider?
A view of the bay from somewhere along the trail.

Carlos in front of a hong kong skyline

Since it is made up of a series of islands, you have to take ferries to get to many things/places.

mountain on our walk. I didn't take any more pics on this walk til we got back to the beach, so I didn't get any photos of the beautiful little beach we found, which had one or two locals but nary a tourist (other than ourselves) and we had a grand ole time swimming in the warm, beautiful, secluded water.

The ferry dock where we had to catch our ride back to the hostel.

Bikes on the dock. Folks will ride their bikes to the ferry and leave them here the way some commuters in the states leave their cars at the train station.

Evening sets in

from the ferry

on the ferry

Hong Kong from the ferry

More Hong Kong from the ferry

Alan and Rose, sleeping on the ferry after a long, adventurous day.

...that may have been the island we had been on? I don't recall. Nor do I remember the names of most of these places. grrr.


another speed ferry

Carmen had a much fancier camera than I.

I call this one "Pollution."

At the grocery store across from our hostel, Nic found this gem: enlarge the pic and you'll see that the label clearly states "Snake Bile."