Thursday, May 28, 2009

5 years ago today, may 28

I don't have any pics whatsoever from the 27th, which I can assume is because that's the day the official trip ended, and I headed to Hong Kong with a few other adventurous souls. [Also in there was Kir's early departure from the group to spend some time with her grandparents in the yellow mountains (jeal-ous!), where she accidently left her passport behind in our room. Ack! I kind of expected the Tisch chaperones do handle it, but since in terms of liability she had departed the group, they instead just excused me from the group to handle it. Thankfully she had left me a goodbye note with her grandparents' names et al, and I was able to use my pitiful mandarin to track them down (a process I don't remember the details of but involved talking to a taxi driver and being REALLY nervous that I'd screw this all up) and in the end, it was safely returned to her.]


May 28th, 2004 saw:
(From Phil, who also came to hong kong!)

And then, from my camera:

Nick and Rose in the hostel, preparing to go out

Into the hong kong night.

which can, evidently, be very bright.

subways there were SO CLEAN compared to NYC. See? nic and carmen don't look sketched out!

Carmen in our the green fridge.

Rose calling home from the hostel phone. 12 hr difference makes it slightly awkward to time.

our bunks in the hostel.

from the ferry

the harbor
I remember being amazed, as the plan landed, how the mountains and skyscrapers played off of one another. successfully or not, they are giants of a kindred-if antithetical- kind.